() In a story some are already saying bears resemblance to the Trayvon Martin case, a homeowner in New Orleans has been arrested and charged with attempted second-degree murder after he shot an unarmed teen after he says he thought the boy was trying to break into his home.

14-year-old Marshall Coulter is in critical condition after being shot in the head by 33-year-old Merritt Landry at around 2 am Friday morning.

Police, the New Orleans Times-Picayune reports, said that the teen was shot near Landry’s car. Friends told the outlet that Landry’s car was behind a gate.

According to the arrest warrant, viewed by the Times-Picayune, Landry said he approached Coulter from his front yard, near his car. But as he drew closer, he said the boy made a “thwarted move, as if to reach for something.” Fearing it was a weapon, Landry shot him once from about 30 ft away.

The report also says that New Orleans Police Department Detective Nicholas Williams interviewed a witness who offered a differing account, but it’s not clear what that account was. Still, Williams determined that Coulter posed no “imminent threat” and was not trying to enter the house. The Advocat has a longer quote from the report: “victim was not armed, was not attempting to enter the residence, was not posing an imminent threat to Merritt Landry.”

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