READ: Why do people in the US think Mexico is not a serious problem?

Welcome to the Buck Sexton Show everybody. Thank you so much for being here. We have a lot to get to today as is our custom. I did want to start off though with an absolutely gut punch, a gut punching, heart wrenching. Really a horrific story that I think unfortunately is a harbinger of some further violence and instability on our Southern border to come. Here's where it stands right now. Cartel gunmen have killed at least nine US citizens, including six children who were in the Mexican border state of Sonora. This is not far from the USMexico border with Arizona where this attack took place. Ranita Maria LeBaron died along with her six month old twins and her two other children age 10 and 12. Christina Langford Johnson, Donna Langford, and two of Donna's children, age three and 11 were also killed. The victims here belonged to the LeBaron family. They are US citizens, dual citizens with Mexico who live in a Mormon breakaway community in this part of Northern rural Northern Mexico. The details that we have so far about this coordinated ambush are horrific beyond imagining. There were children who died as these cars were on fire. They were strapped into vehicles unable to escape. Children were reportedly executed while trying to run away from this three SUV convoy after it had been attacked. There's also some early indications that some of the women who were captured, they believe members of the family may have captured or being held were sexually assaulted in this whole process too. As vicious and awful an ambush as you could imagine murdering children. A lot of people are going to see this and say, wait a second. You mean that Mexico is in a really bad place? This will be something of a surprise to them. Uh, not people who watch and listen to this show. However you will recall that we have done in recent weeks stories on what happened in Culiacan, Mexico where you had cartel gunman on behalf of El Chapo's son. Ovidio. He shutdown, essentially an entire city, a major city in Mexico, and have the national government back off. You know, when the national government backs off of a gun fight with the bad guys, with the thugs, you're in a very bad place. I've also been telling you now for the last two years that Mexico has the highest murder rate that it has had in history right now, that Mexico is seeing more violence internally than at any time since they have been counting homicides. How much of this do you see getting attention in the news media? There are reasons for that. My friends, this is not an oversight. This is not an accident. I do not believe, and this is now assessment, this is not reporting. This is not based in anything other than me looking through the details, but I used to do this quite a bit at the CIA and then at the NYPD the intelligence division. Look at the early signs. Try to try to understand what the indicators are. People who are saying that this is an accident, meaning they thought that they were attacking a rival cartel. I don't believe that. I could be wrong. I don't believe it. People who are referring to this as being caught in the crossfire, well that suggest that there were people on the other side firing and this convoy somehow got in the middle, which there's no evidence to support that either. I think there's a real effort here and some people in our media in the U S media to find an explanation for this. That's not the cartels basically run Mexico, that the cartels are now more powerful than any politician, more powerful than the central government in a day to day way, and that they're just covering this up and that Lopez Obrador with his hugs, not bullets policy. That's actually a thing, by the way, trying to find ways to do development and to not go to war with the cartels. The cartels have gone to war with Mexico and what they show us right now is that they have no problem engaging in the worst atrocities, not just against cartel rivals and innocent Mexicans, to the tune of tens of thousands of people a year, about 30 to 35,000 murders in Mexico every year. That's a lot for a country that's less than half the size of the United States and has about double our murder rate. Perhaps even more like two and a half times now.

There's a big problem here, but that the cartel would do this. This could be something of a turning point. You would think that perhaps this would get attention. These were Americans. These were at least nine, perhaps more killed and perhaps more captured now and who knows what's going on. Unthinkable atrocities in captivity. But these are our people. These are Americans. Yes, they're dual citizens. They're American citizens too, and they are down there in Mexico and they were just slaughtered by cartels. Now, I appreciate that President Trump has taken the position he has on this. This was on Twitter this morning, a wonderful family and friends from Utah got caught between two vicious drug cartels who were shooting at each other with the result being many great American people killed, including young children. If Mexico needs or requests, help in cleaning out these monsters. The United States stands ready, willing and able to get involved and do the job quickly and effectively. The great new president of Mexico has made this a big issue, but the cartels have become so large and powerful. You need sometimes an army to defeat an army. So the president is saying here himself that they were caught in the crossfire. I can't understand how that would work though. And if they're caught in the crossfire, why would children running away from the convoy be specifically executed? They couldn't be concerned about these kids ID'ing and cartel gunmen from afar. And those are, that's already in the reporting. So I think that in the initial assessment here, there are mistakes that are being made. I'll update this as we find out as we find out more. And that seemed to me to be a first take on the issue unless the other eye witness accounts that we're hearing about are incorrect.

It's also noteworthy that Mexican authorities were not particularly helpful in this and that family members of those who had been murdered had to swarm the hills around this attack site themselves looking for survivors. So the Mexican government does not have this well in hand. We have a real problem here. Even if, let's assume for a moment that the initial reporting about this being a caught in the crossfire moment is true. Well then that would mean that the cartels are still willing to execute women and children in the midst of a gun battle with their opponents knowing that this is going to be, I mean, even in Mexico, this incident was going to get a lot of attention. They don't care. They're not worried about the bad press particularly. There's been so many so many murders and so many atrocities in Mexico. They have police convoys that are ambushed with, I think it was recently nine officers in one instance murdered by cartel gunman. Why does this come as a surprise to so many Americans. Well, we are led to believe by the press, by the democratic party, by the open borders movement here, that Mexico is not a security concern for us. When if you look at the amount of heroin that is pouring into this country as well as opioids, the number of people that are dying from those heroin and opioid overdoses and who controls that trade. It is almost entirely the Mexican drug cartels. Mexican drug cartels are poisoning American cities. Thousands and thousands of people now are dying every year over 70,000 in one of our particularly bad recent years. And I know that the press likes to beat up on pharmaceutical companies and there were some pharma companies that engaged in unethical practices for which they have now been financially annihilated. And perhaps there will also be further criminal sanction against individuals involved, including doctors prescribing drugs. But keep in mind that the way our laws work in this country right now, if someone sells opioids to a person who overdoses, they don't get charged with just selling a controlled substance. They are charged with manslaughter or murder. They are held responsible for that homicide. So based on that very same legal approach, which is a day to day reality here in America, the drug cartels are responsible for killing thousands and thousands of Americans every year. Who knows how many, it's very tough to actually get this data. I've asked around for it, I even asked somebody, I contacted the DEA they say, well, it's hard to know where the drugs come from. So we know most of the drugs come from Mexico. We know about 60 to 70,000 people are dying from these drug overdoses every year. We know big pharma has been put on notice and doctors know they risk not just their license, but their freedom for decades if they over prescribe on purpose or elicitly prescribed these drugs. So what is the most likely scenario here? Let's put all of this together that the drug cartels that are now multi billion dollar international criminal syndicates are responsible for poisoning our cities and causing just unimaginable social destruction. And yet we are told Mexico is not a national security concern for us. We're told that the fact that there's a country right next door that has organized crime more powerful than the central government and can even outgun them in a major city is not something that we need to be worried about. Those syndicates, by the way, those cartels, they have connections, they have tentacles that stretch into every major us city. And in fact a lot of midsize and small US cities too. Sometimes I try to keep a low profile here because thank God our law enforcement has not yet been outgunned by cartels and they still have to operate with some degree of discretion and fear of law enforced in America, not so in Mexico. And trust me, the history of that country, it's corruption. It's inability to have durable institutions that will root out corruption. That all indicates to me that what's going on there right now, there are people going all the way up the chain of the Mexican government who are either not willing to fight against the cartels or on the cartels payroll. The cartels have something on them. The cartels have threatened their family. The cartels are in some way exerting leverage on them. How has this not one of the biggest stories in the country? I ask you that question. How is it possible that we have 70,000 or so Americans dying every year? Overwhelmingly from poison being poured into our cities by our neighbor to the South, by the organized crime groups there that are killing Americans on our side and killing tens of thousands of Mexicans, people who are just caught in the crossfire day in and day out.

Why can't they get control of this? Why aren't their law enforcement and judicial systems strong enough to finally root this out? These are questions that we should ask much more than we do. And it's also something that I think should get a whole lot more attention at not just in our media, but also from our own government. We've heard a lot about how we need to treat the opioid epidemic by putting more facilities in place and, and that's all well and good, but how about stopping the poison from entering our cities and people are not growing heroin in their backyard in Vermont or in Utah. It's coming in from South of our border and it's being grown in Mexico. There's been an enormous shift. Heroin used to be overwhelmingly from Afghanistan. It was a big cash crop for the Taliban. UN estimates back even a decade ago were that over 90% of the world's heroin market was grown in essentially Southern and Eastern Afghanistan. Now, about 90% of the heroin and opioids coming into this country that are on the street illegally are coming from Mexico and they are made in or grown in Mexico. Oh. But the fact that we have a poorest border, the fact that we have millions and millions of illegal aliens in the country who, yes, a very small percentage of whom are involved directly in the cartel trade, but there's still a percentage of them who are, and that percentage, by the way, is responsible for thousands and thousands of US deaths.

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