Newsradio 970 KFBX-AM Programming Lineup Changes

We are pleased to announce 2 programming lineup changes to Newsradio 970 KFBX-AM for the New Year.

Newsradio 970 KFBX is happy to announce we are able to bring Joe Pags back to our programming lineup. Unfortunately this means Mark Levin will no longer be airing on 970.  We want to thank all of Mark Levin’s loyal audience and hope you will tune in to Joe Pag's show. This change was made to appeal to a broader more universal audience. Tune in to listen to The Joe Pags show Monday - Friday from 4 to 6PM. 

America's #1 Travel Radio Show, Rudy Maxa's Travel Show, is now available on Newsradio 970 KFBX-AM on Sundays from 7 - 9 AM.  Join Rudy Maxa and Robert and Mary Carey and get the latest airport security updates, travel news, and deals right here on Newsradio 970 KFBX-AM.  Check out the RMWorld Travel connection website at:

Thanks for listening to your favorite iHeartRadio newstalk station Newsradio 970 KFBX-AM!

Charlie O'Toole - Program Director Newsradio 970 KFBX-AM

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