BMW Australia Wants A Pickup. The Home Office Says 'Nein'

Marc Werner is the local head for BMW in Australia and he wants a pickup to sell.  Problem is, when he broached the subject with the home office back in Germany three years ago, he was told, ""Definitely not, because this does not fit to our genes and our culture.  You can do it but then you cannot be BMW. You have to be a different company, but this company is not ready to change from the ultimate driving machine and the ultimate successful company in luxury to a mass manufacturer who goes after the volume of pickup trucks."  Back in Marc Werner's world down under, car based pickups, they call them 'utes,' continue to increase in market share, up 17% last year alone.  Now the decision makers in Munich seem to be softening to the idea.  If they build one, would it make to 'Merica?  Don't know.  Are we ready for a BMW El Camino? 


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