New Presidential Limo Makes Its Debut

Autoblog offers some stats about this car:  

It's heavily armored, with 5-inch-thick glass, 8-inch-thick doors that weigh as much as a commercial aircraft door, and its components include titanium, ceramics, and a bombproof plate that covers the underside. As such, the old Beast was estimated to weigh between 14,000 and 20,000 pounds. You can therefore imagine how it got its name.3. It's equipped like the Batmobile or the Green Hornet's Chrysler Imperial Crown, with run-flat tires and night-vision gear. It can fire gas canisters out the front bumper.4. It has a diesel engine because of its weight and size (see the gallery below for a sense of scale). And of course, diesel is less flammable in a firefight. The old Beast supposedly gets 8 mpg.5. Its Secret Service codename is Stagecoach.6. There's a shotgun by the driver and God-knows-what in the trunk.7. It supposedly has a stock of blood in the president's type, along with a defibrillator and other emergency gear.



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