Florida K-9 Given Narcan After Overdose While on the Job

k-9 had to be given anti-overdose medication after accidentally ingesting it while searching party cruise

A police dog in Florida had to be given anti-overdose medication after accidentally ingesting drugs while he was searching passengers embarking on a party cruise. 

Authorities say Jake, a golden retriever K-9 officer experienced seizure-like symptoms and lost motor skills while screening passengers boarding for "Holy Ship!", a three-day electronic dance music (EDM) experience held on the Norwegian Epic. 

Tod Goodyear, a sheriff's office spokesperson, told WFTV the dog was given Narcan by a crew member, which is often used to treat overdoses in humans, because they weren't sure what was causing Jake's reaction. 

"[Jake] started having some problems with balance and had some type of seizure incident of some sort, was showing effects of having inhaled some substance," said Goodyear. "They administered the Narcan and got [him] to the vet."

It's believed that Jake ingested a form of ecstasy, and connected the drugs with a passenger, identified as Leslie Bennett, 33. Bennett was arrested for felony possession of a controlled substance without prescription, and possession of drug paraphernalia and equipment. 

More than a dozen attendees were arrested prior to the ship's departure on various drug-related offenses. Most charges are misdemeanors, but some have been cited for drug trafficking. 

"You will be embarking in Port Canaveral and passing through security run by Customs and Border Protection, a division of Homeland Security," a notice to passengers says on the Holy Ship! website says. 

"Every person and each piece of luggage will be inspected by dogs trained to detect explosives and contraband. Anyone found to be violating the law and/or in possession of illegal substances or prohibited items will be arrested and banned from future events."

Jake is reportedly in stable condition and expected to make a full recovery. 


Photo: U.S. Coast Guard Station Port Canaveral


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