Dog Found Dead In Cargo Hold Of Transatlantic Flight

International Flight Operations at Charles de Gaulle Airport

International Flight Operations at Charles de Gaulle Airport

A dog that was put in the cargo hold of an international flight has died, according to TMZ. An employee from Air France told the gossip site that the dog was incorrectly loaded into the cargo hold of the plane and lost oxygen during the nearly 11-hour flight between Amsterdam and Los Angeles.

The dog's owner was devastated when she went to an Air France warehouse at Los Angeles International Airport to pick up her dog, which was reportedly a husky. TMZ says they saw photos of the deceased animal, but they were too disturbing to share. They reached out to Air France for comment but have not heard back from the airline.

This is not the first time that a dog has passed away during a flight. In March 2018, a French bulldog died on a United Airlines flight after being put in an overhead bin meant for luggage. A few months later, another dog was found dead on a Delta plane after being transferred to a connecting flight.

Photo: Getty Images