Ohio Man Charged After Students Overdosed On Heroin-Laced Vape Pens

Tristan Anderson, 23,

An Ohio man was arrested after a traffic stop in West Virginia in which officers found nearly three pounds of marijuana in his pickup truck. Tristan Anderson, 23, was taken into custody and authorities obtained a search warrant for his home in Bolivar, which is about 150 miles from where he was stopped. Inside his house, they found more than 25 pounds of marijuana, over 70 bottles of THC oils, 300 “TKO” labeled vaping cartridges, and more than 100 THC edible candies.

Police said that the "TKO" vaping cartridges were laced with heroin and were linked to the recent overdoses of two high school students. Both students were hospitalized within a 24-hour period, and police warned local residents about buying cartridges on the black market.

Anderson was charged with possession with intent to deliver a controlled substance and remains locked up in North Central Regional Jail.

Photo: Morgantown Police Department


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