Video: 'Carrie' Costume Causes Confusion at Car Crash

An Ohio college student who hit a deer while driving home from a Halloween event inadvertently caused quite a bit of confusion at the scene of the accident due to her 'bloody' Carrie costume. The strange incident reportedly occurred last Saturday evening after Sidney Wolfe had attended a haunted house attraction dressed as the title character of the famed Stephen King novel Carrie. Assuming that the trip back to her house would be uneventful, she opted to make the drive while still in costume, which lead to an amusing series of events.

Shortly into her drive home, she struck a deer that had dashed out into the road, killing the unfortunate creature and doing considerable damage to her vehicle. Although dazed by the accident, Wolfe soon realized that her attire was likely to cause a commotion when first responders arrived on the scene. "Holy crap, I’m head-to-toe dressed in blood makeup. They're going to freak out," she recalled thinking from the driver's seat of the smashed car. According to her, the confusion began when a person who witnessed the collision came up to her vehicle and was stunned by what he saw. "I remember his face," she said, "and he looked horrified."

And things only got stranger from there. Find out more at the Coast to Coast AM website.