Kelsea Ballerini Covers Fleetwood Mac, Pays Tribute to First Responders

Wrapping up iHeartRadio's First Responder Fridays with FirstNet, Built with AT&T, Kelsea Ballerini helped pay tribute to all of the first responders who are selflessly sacrificing so much to help others during the coronavirus pandemic.

Before her performance, Ballerini thanked all of the brave first responders for their service, especially during this difficult time, by saying, "I'm really excited to be playing some songs to celebrate our first responders and everyone keeping us safe right now. Y'all are incredible, thank you for what you're doing. It's so selfless and deserves to be celebrated forever and ever and ever."

Kelsea performed her Chainsmokers collab "This Feeling," a cover of Fleetwood Mac's "Landslide" (which is one of her favorite songs ever), and her hit song "Miss Me More."

The country star also performed her Halsey collaboration, "The Other Girl," which was introduced by first responder and Operations Chief Amy Hanifan from the McMinnville Fire Department in Oregon. Ballerini is one of Hanifan's favorite artists and said, "We are so grateful for your support, and for the First Responder Fridays, and our families are so appreciative as well." Kelsea thanked Amy for her service and said, "You're incredible. Thank you so much, you're such a hero and I hope you're taking a second, right now, to just feel appreciated, and loved, and supported. Thank you, thank you, thank you for everything."

Apart from Kelsea's performance, iHeartRadio's First Responder Fridays also helped shine the light on some of the incredible first responders who are helping their communities everyday.

Fire Captain Paramedic Erik Scott of the Los Angeles City Fire Department explained, "One of the hardest things for us first responders is not knowing if we're going to bring the virus home to our families." He added, "On behalf of the 3500 LAFD firefighters, we will continue to work for you. Please, stay home for us. Your sacrifice is making a difference."

Firefighter Paramedic Michelle Miller of the North Chicago Fire Department explained of her experience during the pandemic, "When this whole pandemic started, I had no idea it was going to last as long as it did. But, out of this, we've become a lot more knowledgable about this disease, and have found better ways to handle it." She added, "The community has been amazing; their outpouring of love and support for us. And we couldn't be more grateful for them."

Battalion Chief Kim Schaefer of the North Chicago Fire Department said of what the pandemic has been like for her, "I'd like to say these past few weeks have been pretty crazy, but also pretty amazing. How I've seen the men and the women here at the fire house, and also the citizens, come together and tackle anything that has come their way."

And fellow North Chicago Fire Department Firefighter Paramedic, Sterling Ricketts, explained, "I want everybody to know, this too shall pass, and hopefully, things will get better soon. Stay safe."

iHeartRadio's First Responder Fridays with FirstNet, Built with AT&T is meant to pay tribute to and recognize the amazing work of the individuals on the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the series also seeks to help raise money for organizations who are supporting these heroes. This week's special is helping to raise money for Team Rubicon.

As host, Ryan Seacrest explained of Team Rubicon, "They're an emergency response team of former military officials and first responders that go in to help after a humanitarian or natural disaster. Throughout the COVID-19 crisis, they've been staffing field hospitals, working at testing sites, doing check-ins for seniors, dropping off food, medicine and other supplies, doing so much."

For more information and to find out how you can donate, head over to Team Rubicon's official website,

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