Over 1 million signed up to learn GOT language


Over a million people have signed up to learn a fictional language created for Game of Thrones. The language Valyrian is used in pivotal scenes of the hit HBO show. Valyrian was created for Game of Thrones by linguist David J. Peterson, who made it nearly from scratch, complete with its own grammar and rules. Fans of the show can learn Valyrian on the online learning platform Duolingo. So far, one-point-two-million people have signed up for the course. 

Photo: Game of Thrones fans take part in axe throwing with Master of Arms Will van der Kells (2R) at the Castle Ward Estate in Strangford, northern Ireland, the location of Winterfell in Game of Thrones, and one of the many locations used by the hit HBO show across the province. (Getty Images)

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